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  • Chris Dixon Plans On Investing In More Bitcoin Startups, Says Entrepreneurs Are Getting Involved by Drew Olanoff of TechCrunch - April 29, 2013  Chris Dixon joined our co-editor Eric Eldon this morning at Disrupt NY 2013 to discuss his move out to San Francisco for a job at Andreessen Horowitz. One of the areas that interests him the most is the much-hyped Bitcoin space. The reason why D .... READ MORE
  • Here's why Bitcoin is the future of money Commentary: Bitcoin may not last, but crypto-currency is here to stay -- it's only a matter of time before a government replaces paper with more traceable, secure digital money. But is that a good thing? by Molly Wood of CNET News - April 29, 2013 The interesting thing abo .... READ MORE
  • Google loses autocomplete defamation suit in Japan by Tim Hornyak of c|net - 16 April, 2013 The search engine is ordered to change its autocomplete function and pay damages to a man who sued saying his name was being linked to crimes. A Japanese court has ordered Google to modify its autocomplete function so that it does not suggest a connection t .... READ MORE
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 up for preorder in U.S. today by Lance Whitney of c|net - 16 April, 2013 The new Galaxy phone are available today from both AT&T and U.S. Cellular. U.S. smartphone buyers looking to grab Samsung's Galaxy S4 finally get their shot today. Preorders for the next Galaxy-class phone have launched at both AT&T and U.S. Cellu .... READ MORE
  • Google: 'Glassware' developers prohibited from displaying ads by Declan McCullagh of c|net - 15 April, 2013 Google releases its policies for third-party Google Glass developers. In the fine print: they can't display ads or charge for the software. Google, which relies on advertising for some 95 percent of its revenue, doesn't want ads on its hotly anticip .... READ MORE