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SyNet SOLUTIONS can work with an existing IT department or act as an outsourced IT department. SyNet SOLUTIONS can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure remotely and if necessary dispatch technicians to your site.

  • System Monitoring
  • Software Patch Management
  • Remote Assistance
  • Phone Support
  • User Training
  • System Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software License Compliance Tracking
  • Hardware Warranty Tracking
  • Consider the following:

  • IT staffs are largely unmanaged and unmonitored.
  • Computer systems are undocumented and, as physical assets, often not tracked, at all.
  • Personnel working on IT systems and are often not "fault tolerant" and, if they leave the company, they can take much of the corporate knowledge with them.
  • By outsourcing your IT support to SyNet SOLUTIONS you will have a team of skilled professionals available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Today's business networks need much more attention than in the past. Your company needs to administer, support, secure, troubleshoot, and keep your technology current. This must be seamless and automatic in order for it to be successful. Your technology has to perform so you can maximize your employee's productivity.

    Downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars every hour. Every business has to control IT costs and stay off the roller coaster of IT spending. SyNet SOLUTIONS Support is a simple service program that addresses these concerns with one program.

    The computer system should be viewed as a constantly evolving entity and future upgrades and expansion need to be taken into consideration. SyNet SOLUTIONS will help you implement a technology that is tailored to your organization so you can be prepared for the future and maximize the return on your investment in technology.

    The easiest problem to solve is the one that does not occur. By proactively monitoring your system and "locking down" the operating system SyNet SOLUTIONS can help you minimize support costs and down time.

    Managing an IT system requires organizational skills as much as it requires technical skills. A computer system must be setup in a logical, consistent manner and it must be documented.

  • SyNet SOLUTIONS will completely manage your computers and infrastructure and will give your employees a full time help desk.
  • SyNet SOLUTIONS Support combines the best technology tools with proven customer support. Technology is at the core of your business operations and should allow your company to reach its fullest potential.
  • SyNet SOLUTIONS provides a single point of contact for all of your technology issues.
  • SyNet SOLUTIONS will monitor your system and prevent problems from occurring.

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